jeudi 10 septembre 1998


The TUNNEL's experience:
the final phase or possible reborn?

The Tunnel as a new place?
a new undergroud space after the Factory?

The operation Restore Hope is lauched in 1996.

Located on 220 Twelfth Avenue, Chelsea, New York,
enough for a while, it was like a miracle, a mirage
so sweet was our downfall, 
finally fall.

The Tunnel as a substitute.

   listen to live mix Junior Vasquez @Tunnel - " PLAYED WITH ME " (1995-1997)   

Junior Vasquez played there,
a few months after the end of The Sound Factory, 
the January 12th 1995...
In deed,
the Tunnel could be a substitute.
We were so happy there listening Junior' back :D

Even after the two last Sound Factory party :
one on the Valentin day: feb 14th 1995
and the last one a few months after in summer of 95'.
They could leave us like that,
even moore this two magical party outside the Sound Factory!
Junior & SF did not want to leave us like that...
so lonely, orphelin, desesperated we were.

The Sound Facory could not stop, IMPOSSIBLE!
for us and for him and especially for all this years from 89 to 95; almost 6 years...

But as time passed, one Saturday after another,
it was the end... we realize...
then we were in 1996.

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